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Background Reports

Background Reports

If you have been in touch with an individual via a dating site or other type of contact site, you seriously should consider a background check BEFORE sending them any money or personal information.


Our fees for background checks are extremely reasonable and could save you thousands! All enquiries are completely confidential - we can assure you that the individual in question will not be aware of the investigation.


*** Secret Internet searches are increasing - DO NOT become a victim!***


Before you trust in a stranger, you should find out with our help, if the person is providing you the correct information about himself. Background ReportsThis could be done before you sign a business contract with someone or if you are concerned about the person your son or daughter is dating.


Our background checks and background reports will confirm the individual full name, date of birth, current and previous addresses, qualifications as well as current and previous employment and other personal details.


Specific checks can be made in response to detailed requests depending on your personal requirements.


Please contact us for more details, without any obligation.

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