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Private Clients

Private Clients


Whatever difficulties you are experiencing in your personal life, we can help you.

We are all facing difficulties in our life which we are unable to solve by ourselves. Therefore our specialists are here to help with any investigation you may need:


Private Investigations e.g. :

  • people search
  • damage of property
  • burglary
  • maintenance obligation
  • check of a person
  • searching for debtors
  • helping by anything that needs to be done
  • etc.

Private Clients

As a German detective agency, we can provide you a comprehensive range of professional and discreet service. We guarantee the best possible solution and accurate results as fast as possible. We have a good relationship with the public authorities in Germany providing us the opportunity to help you.

One of our private Investigators will be happy to offer you the best method of investigation and advise you with the estimated time and costs in your case. We are available to discuss and advise on all situations and requirements including sensitive or difficult issues with patience and understanding.

Please click here to get in contact with us.

We are already the first choice in the private investigation sector, legal and finance investigation sector and therefore we invite you to discover the level of service we are able to offer, that our competitors can only aspire to.

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