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Corporate Clients

We are a professional detective and investigation agency, acting on behalf of small and well-known German and international businesses. Corporate Clients


We have the capabilities to offer our customers a professional service which is beyond their expectations. We are in the position to offer our commercial and corporate customers a very good investigation service.



Services we offer:

  • criminal investigations
  • investigation of stock deviations
  • investigation of suspected criminal damage
  • suspiction of sabotage
  • investigation in case of deception
  • proving counterfeit intellectual property rights violations
  • personnel support services, vetting, discipline
  • insurance investigations for example: road traffic / industrial / public
  • motor vehicle theft and accident enquiries and investigations
  • travel, insurance & holiday claims
  • commercial and industrial surveillance
  • personal injury, accidents at work & medical claims enquiries
  • investigations in case of fraudulent
  • tracking stolen vehicles
  • surveillance and undercover agents (in house)
  • debt and debtor tracking
  • company background and credit checks
  • investigations in case of fraud - retail and corporate trade losses
  • internal thefts

... and even more

Our service can help to reduce your company's losses and significantly increase profits.

Corporate Clients

If you suspect your field staff falsifying their diaries, having unusual long absence periods, if your stock levels became mysteriously lower and in many more cases contact us to find out the truth.

The full investigation reports and document sets we produce are compiled in a way that our clients can submit these directly to the courts or to the tribunals in case they want to do so.

We provide a wide range of very competitively priced services that are specifically structured not only to provide you with answers but more importantly to save your money.

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